How I got the title:

“Free Range Kids” is a thing, now a days. And while the safety of children is an important topic, we have to think about the message we are giving them about fear and the unknown. Teach responsible freedom and, for the love of God, let children explore. The world is a wonderful, terrifying and beautiful place.


  • I’m young enough to be hopeful
    but old enough to know how to learn.
  • Ethnicity:
    Navajo, Mexican, White (German/French)
  • Origin:
    New Mexico

What I write:

  • Prose in verse (helps me visualize phrasing and (kind of) elevates my tendency to be wordy)
  • Poetry (free verse mostly. I’m terrible at rhyme, it always comes off as forced.)
  • Non-traditional Coyote Myths (A Navajo trickster character, Coyote is used to teach morals, native origin, and mythology to children. Traditionally, the stories are passed on orally. I, ethically or not, have taken my memories and created personal myths, in tribute to the storytellers who I never had the pleasure of learning from.) [I’ve yet to post any of these to WordPress, they are a current work in progress.]
  • Sometimes Fantasy and SciFy (my childhood playground)

What is the purpose of this blog:

To keep writing, to exercise and to train myself to become better at my craft. Much of the content posted here is drafts, daily prompts, snip-its of memories, unfinished ideas and musings. Anything to keep me writing.

I post to gain feedback and criticism. Please, feel free to respond with what you liked or disliked, what worked or didn’t work, what phrases rang true or what phrases were too much.




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